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32 degrees Celsius in the shade, and it's snowing?! This is not a flaw in the system of elements nor due to global warming. This happens exactly when Eisfabrik ("ice factory") enters the stages of this world.

Eisfabrik is an art project with integrated characters as protagonists and should be regarded in its overall concept not just as a project but as an independent band. The three Eisfabrik protagonists are Dr. Schnee ("doc snow"), Frost and Celsius. Musically, the band fluctuates somewhere between dark electro and future pop, being also quite open to venturing in other directions of electronic style and integrating this skillfully into its sound outfit. Especially catchiness and cool harmony are the focus of Eisfabrik. The debut album "When Winter Comes" and the single release "Ice Crystal" have already celebrated several voting chart successes such as at the DAC and GEWC, which means that the way has already been paved for the following album "Eisplanet" ("ice planet", released in 2015) with the single "Maschinen" ("machines") pre-released for the clubs. Eisfabrik played concerts as support-act from Project Pitchfork and MONO INC. and the fans loved them. One year later the album „Achtzehnhundertunderfroren“ was published. In 2017 the album „Null Kelvin“ was released.

The newest album „Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik“ was published in 2020 and placed in the top 100 of the Official German Charts.

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