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1. Shot in the Silence
2. Stay
3. Wicked
4. Here With me
5. Wonderful Life
6. The Great Commandment
7. Summertime Sadness
8. My Sick Mind TV
9. Never Let Me Down
10. White Wedding
11. Drive

Album Info:

From the opera house to the kitchen of a restaurant and back to the boards, that mean the world - but this time with heavy guitars and his first Rock-Album! After his EP "Wonderful Life" MajorVoice now serves his own record! "A New Chapter", that's the promising title, provides a dreamy Trip right through the stormy sea of modern rock songs and classic evergreens, always led by the wonderful and abysmally deep pipes of MajorVoice.
Although there are mostly covers on "A New Chapter", it's far from being a mere simple Cover-Album, but shows right at the beginning, where the journey is leading - "Shot in the Silence" is the first original song by the voice artist and fascinates with a fairy-tale-like lovestory, framed by heartbreaking verses and a gripping chorus, in which MajorVoice sings with such passion and shows all his talent!
Also beautiful is his version of "My Sick Mind TV". Already a stunning ballad, MajorVoice proves here, how much a classical taught voice can still enrich such a good composition by expression and emotion.
With "White Wedding" MajorVoice chose one of the probably most covered songs in rock-history. But who thinks "oh god, another one" is most definitely mistaken. He manages to display the story of a man, whose love marries another, in a way, that projects the heartbreak and makes you hang onto every single one of his words.

If you submit to it, MajorVoice shows you a completely new side to those songs, a side never before thought about, you maybe not even dared to think about. The step to take on such big artists and colorize them so differently is a brave one and it succeeded - the album invites to drift away, give up control, let the ferryman answer the helm and to dive in into the new chapter, led by a more than capable captain!

Releasedate: 11/24/2017

Genre: Symphonic Rock

For fans of: Nightwish, Kamelot, Leaves‘ Eyes, Elfenthal

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Miracles happen
Everyone has a longing. Even things that have never been known can become a real basic necessity. Children who have never met their parents, long for parental affection. I know this, because I am one of these children. So I built a dream world in which I was not alone and abandoned.
The dream of singing for as many people as possible was always one of my most beautiful. Often I was close, but the past has always caught up with me and destroyed the new beginnings and the freshly built. I was already angry from a time when a small person would not even know the word and had already experienced things too early, which justified this anger, however, this perpetual rage did not help but rather destroy. So it came, as it had to come: false friends, wrong environment, "oblique track". Time and time again years were lost ...
Then the reboot: I became a cook. Basic and adult. If one tries to achieve his life's dream of singing for decades without success, one gives up at some point. You think that you have given your whole life an illusion - an unachievable dream. I had resigned myself to it. But then comes this one, life-changing coincidence! One day I was in a backstage area for the band MONO INC., cooking. I heard one of their songs at the soundcheck. While I prepared the dinner I sang along to their songs. The singer of the band opened the kitchen door and said something like "Did you miss your job?"  We began a conversation and 2 hours later the unexpected happened: I was allowed to sing one of her songs as a surprise guest in a sold out hall. Goosebumps! The fact that the head of a large record label was present this very evening may be a coincidence, but the fact that I was able to sign a record contract on the following day, was for me the late fulfillment of a dream. Miracles happen. I was there!

Band: MajorVoice
Format: CDs
Genre: Gothic Rock

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