KID MOXIE - Big In Japan (Limited 7“ Picture Disc)

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KID MOXIE - Big In Japan (Limited 7“ Picture Disc) 
VÖ-Datum: 03.07.2020

Kategorie: Vinyl

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KID MOXIE - Big In Japan (Limited 7“ Picture Disc) 
VÖ-Datum: 03.07.2020

“Big In Japan” is a cover of the legendary 1984 hit by the German synth-pop group Alphaville, and
was reimagined by KID MOXIE, aka Elena Charbila for the soundtrack of the indie film Not to Be
Unpleasant, But We Need to Have a Serious Talk. The full soundtrack — also composed by Kid Moxie
— is available digitally from Lakeshore Records.
For her cover of the song, Charbila exchanges the shimmering pop of the original version for a darker,
moodier accompaniment, enveloping her faded, dreamlike vocals with a pulsing synthesizer and
Eastern notes, giving the song a palpable neo-noir vibe. Directed by Joe Rubinstein, the music video
stars Charbila and a young dancer by the name of Hannah Williams.
“Though the score is mostly instrumental, I felt that the ‘Big In Japan’ cover summed up the wistful
quality I was seeking in a fresh but also familiar way,” Charbila explains. “It is such an iconic song I had
to forget I’d ever heard it to recreate it. The video, which was shot throughout a single day at the
director’s studio in DTLA, is a bit of commentary on children being forced to grow up too fast, especially
in Hollywood.”
Based in Los Angeles, Kid Moxie previously collaborated with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti on
a new version of “Mysteries Of Love,” the unforgettable, This Mortal Coil-inspired track originally sung
by Julee Cruise for 1986’s Blue Velvet.
Kid Moxie also appears in the film Not To Be Unpleasant, But We Need To Have a Serious Talk, which
was directed by Giorgos Georgopoulos. The movie follows a womanizer who learns he’s the carrier of
a rare virus which is highly lethal to females, and the only hope for a cure is to find which of his exgirlfriends
infected him with the original strain

Format: Vinyl
Genre: Synthpop New Wave

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