MajorVoice - Lonely Ark Tour 2020

 On September 9th, 2019, MajorVoice...

On September 9th, 2019, MajorVoice released his 2nd album ?This Lonely Ark", which, in comparison to the previous cover-album, only contains original music of the exceptional artist. Thereon the powerfull bass singer processes monumental anthems, emotional ballads and a message, we all should listen to.

"This Lonely Ark" resembles around the end of the world, what happens after it and the people, who outlive it. These themes get carried by powerful guitars, heavy drums, beautiful melodies and, last but most definitely not least, the mighty vocals of MajorVoice. His perfectly diverse opera-bass is able to reach deep down into your soul and touches deeply hidden feelings. It?s also able to blast out mighty anthems, such as "We Were Fire", which produce nothing but goosebumps.

With this album MajorVoice shows, how much variability lies within him and the he definitely doesn?t need to cover to produce a whole album filled with masterpieces! With "This Lonely Ark" he proves, that he should certainly play a part in the top-game!

After a glorious tour in November and December 2019, he will support Subway to Sally on their HEY!-Tour in Spring. So everyone should be tuned for the extra shows in September.

Lonely Ark Tour 2020
03.09.20 Hamburg - Nochtspeicher
04.09.20 Dresden - Puschkin
05.09.20 Göttingen - Exil
10.09.20 Wuppertal - Musik Und Frieden
11.09.20 Stuttgart - Subkultur
12.09.20 Kaiserslautern - Cotton Club

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