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Jürgen Engler is a legend of the german an international elektro-music.
Beside to the Einstürzenden Neubauten, Die Krupps are the most important pioneers of the fusion of industrial and metal. Die Krupps are founded in 1981 when Jürgen Engler (singer and guitarist oft he punk-band Male) met Ralf Dörper. Their first album „Stahlwerksinfonie“ was published in 1981 and was decorated by the English NME as the LP of the week. The fusion of epic industrial drumming and rough vocals is unique.

After publishing the album „Volle Kraft voraus“ Dörper left the band to work on his band Propaganda. Jürgen Engler produced new versions of „Wahre Arbeit…“ and „Goldfinger“ for the english market and started to work on a combination of electronic sounds and metal-oriented drums. In 1989 Ralf Dörper returned to Die Krupps. In 1992 the album „I“ was published, which was a collaboration with the trash-band Accu§er. 1993 was a very key year for the band. Lee Altus and Darren Minter (guitarist and drummer of the band Heathen) joined Die Krupps. As Minter left the band shortly after again, Altus shaped the music with his grooving riffs, which made the sound of Die Krupps even more unique.

On „The Final Remixes“ (published in 1994) 16 bands (i.a. Sisters Of Mercy, Biohazard, KMFDM and Paradise Lost) interpreted songs of Die Krupps. After publishing the albums "Odyssey Of The Mind" (1995) and "Paradise Now“ (1997) the band split up. In 2005 Die Krupps celebrated their 25th anniversary. In may 2005 the band played their first reunion-gigs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides of Engler, Esch and Dörper also guitarist Marcel Zürcher and drummer Oliver Röhl joined the reunion. In the beginning of 2006 the band completed a tour with Lluther and Undergod. The double-best-of "Too Much History" was released and abducted the fans on a time travel through electronic and metal years. With „5 Millionen“, „The Great Divide“ and cover-versions of „Der Amboss“ and „Ich Bin Ein Ausländer“ the album contains four new, great tracks. In 2013 "The Machinists Of Joy" was released, which was more danceable than his predecessor. In 2015 "V - Metal Machine Music" was published, which was quickly loved by the metalfans.

The band and the fans are looking for the upcoming 40th anniversary in 2021, which will be celebrated with a lot of surprises!

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