Joachim Witt Ruebezahls Rueckkehr Tour 2022

















Joachim Witt Live 2021/2022

After Joachim Witt has just been on his own Refugium Klassik tour with breathtaking arrangements of his songs and a large orchestra, convincing his audience in a unique way every evening and causing goosebumps, the exceptional artist is now already announcing his next concert series. For the new album "Rübezahl's Rückkehr" (Rübezahl's Return), Joachim Witt will return to the stage with his full band and will make the halls tremble with a mighty storm of sound, in keeping with the sound of the new album, which will be released before the tour.
Once again produced by Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost), the new album "Rübezahl's Rückkehr", like its predecessor, combines Joachim Witt's voice with massive walls of sound to create a thunderous atmosphere and builds a sound cathedral of incredible intensity. A monumental sound that is probably unique in this combination.

Witt has released 16 albums since 1980, starting with Silberblick and the single "Der Goldene Reiter" (Gold Status), through the successful comeback album Bayreuth I (Gold Status), released in 1998, whose single "Die Flut" even went platinum, to DOM in 2012 with the single "Gloria" and its controversial music video.
At the "Gothic meets Klassik" event in 2018, something unique and lasting was created: Headliner Joachim Witt recorded his performance there and released a live audio album entitled "Refugium" of his celebrated performance at the Leipzig Gewandhaus on his 70th birthday in February 2019.

Many times Joachim Witt has reinvented himself, always staying on the nerve of the times of authoritative German music history. He never shied away from political and social criticism.
Timeless are his hits like "Der Goldene Reiter" (The Golden Horseman), which describes the pressure to perform and the antisocial aspect of capitalism, including one's own failure, as well as the legendary duet with Peter Heppner on the song "Die Flut" (The Flood) - a statement about striving for a better life or for a better world at all.

Joachim Witt is Rübezahl....Rübezahl is Joachim Witt ......launatic, spirited, rigorous, proud, friend as well as foe and as unpredictable as a musical storm.

Visitors and fans can once again look forward to one of the most exciting tours of 2020!