About us

The label Independet NoCut it has set itself the goal to focus on bands and styles that still have real fans. These styles do not have to take place in the big media.

With the establishment of NoCut in 2003 the foundation stone to a professional label platform for national and international artists were laid. NoCut covers all aspects of a modern independent labels.

The Department of artist management, A & R, product management, and e-commerce and promotion NoCut is a team that goes along with talented artists in the music business the way. NoCut promotes authentic musicians that are characterized by creativity, professionalism and commitment. The musical style of the artist is to be marketed rock-heavy, always with an eye to songs.

How do you recognize a good song?
The whole team said in unison: "We mean by a good song is a composition that our acts would always present alone with piano or acoustic guitar and singing on stage."

NoCut stands for long-term artist development in isolation from hectic trends. This enables us to ensure sustainable success.