Beyond Border new album "Gathering"

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2024-01-18 16:47:00 / / Comments 0
Beyond Border new album "Gathering" - Beyond Border new album "Gathering"

On January 26, 2024, Beyond Border makes a powerful comeback with their second full-time album, "Gathering."

 The band was founded in 2019 in the Lower Saxony region around Hildesheim. Lead vocalist and lyricist Iggi, along with the creative force behind the young band, Deity, collaborated on their initial songs. They independently released these tracks across various platforms, including streaming services, Bandcamp, CD compilations, their band website, and live performances. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, they released their debut album, "Awakening," at the end of 2021. Hits like "Prey Open" and "What Makes The World Go Round," released as singles ahead of the album, were already gaining attention. Thanks to increased listener interest, particularly from those paying close attention to emerging bands during that time, the band quickly gained followers and fans. This reflected in their performances, where concert halls filled up, and fans impressed with their lyrical proficiency.

Their long-awaited nationwide club hit came with the song "Number 23 (Eisfabrik Remix)" from the remix album "Awakening The Clubs." This success coincided with the reopening of many clubs after a nearly two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

 With "Gathering," Beyond Border stays true to their electronic style, skillfully experimenting with new sounds and structures that don't always adhere to the classic synth-pop template. Many of the songs offer glimpses into the singer's deepest emotions, ranging from claustrophobia and self-doubt to Iggi's self-destructive tendencies. While the lyrics may not always be easily digestible, the band consistently packages these themes into danceable and catchy anthems!

 On CD 2, titled "Come To Gather," the band's songs undergo a vigorous remix treatment by bands such as Aestatic Perfection, J:Dead, Beyond Obsession, Ruined Conflict, and more.