V.A. Music For Constructions - A Tribute To Depeche Mode (Doppel CD)

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V.A. Music For Constructions - A Tribute To Depeche Mode (Doppel CD)
Release Date: 03.12.2021

CD 1
MONO INC. - I Feel You
MajorVoice - It's No Good
Crematory - Black Celebration
Beyond Obsession - The Bottom Line
Vainerz - Insight
Blind Passenger 80s Express Feat. Nigel Wheeler - Photographic
Love? - In Your Memory
Darknes On Demand - Behind The Wheel
Evo-Lution - Stripped
Julian Shah Taylor - In Your Room
Psyche - Lie To Me
Any Second feat. Iggi - To Have And To Hold
Scheuber & Wollank - Heaven
Electronic Frequency - Ice Machine
Strangelove - Sister Of Night

CD 2
Heimataerde - Ice Machine
Plastic Noise Experience - Get The Balance Right
AD:keY - Nodisco
The Promise - But Not Tonight
The Psychic Force - Blasphemous Rumors
DMK - Black Celebration (2021 Poly Gore Remix)
Mauricio Tamblay - Rush
Superikone feat. Puppekopp - Things You Said
Monsmeg - Where's The Revolution
Blue Forge - Waiting For The Night
Stage Of Theed - My Secred Garden
White Noise TV - World In My Eyes
Ha[a]rp - The Sun And The Rainfall
District 13 - The Bottom Line
Twilight-Images - Fly On The Windscreen
Diarblack - But Not Tonight

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